Music is a powerful way to communicate, it is motivational and inspiring. WCYO gives the youth the opportunity to:

  • learn from professional tutors and conductors;
  • help improve self-confidence;
  • increases in human connection, development of social skills such as self-control, ability to work in a group and to learn sensitivity towards others;
  • perform repertoire from all genres;
  • improve their concentration and be educated;
  • learn various other skills to be developed and transferred;
  • be fed where poverty takes its toll in some areas.


Financial support helps us to pay for a great number of expenses, including basic operations, cleaning services, rental of venues, transport fees, production costs, arranging and sheet music expenses, instrument insurance and maintenance.

We also keep our annual orchestra programme fees within reach of families and if we receive additional sponsorship, we can offer sponsorship and bursaries to students in need.

On this page you will find information about the many ways you can become a supporter and how, not only WCYO, but you or your business can also benefit by becoming a sponsor/supporter.

At the end of the page you will find a link to our support form. Please complete and submit the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Little by little, a little becomes a lot“- Tanzanian proverb


  • My School Card (Woolworths): Choose / Add West Coast Youth Orchestra as your beneficiary. EVERY SWIPE COUNTS!
  • Adopt-a-Musician: Individuals and corporate companies can adopt a student in need of financial assistance as protégé and receive a tax deductible Section 18A receipt.
  • WCYO Alumni Programme: Make a monthly contribution of your choice by EFT or Debit Order and receive a tax deductible Section 18A receipt.
  • Friends-of-WCYO Campaign: Make a monthly contribution of your choice by EFT or Debit Order to support our Student Bursary Fund or any other programme of your choice, and receive a tax deductible Section 18A receipt.
  • Bona Fide Donation: Make a once-off donation for any amount of your choice to the WCYO Development Programmes and receive a tax deductible Section 18A receipt.
  • Hire an orchestra / ensemble / jazz band: Any combination of Ensemble, a Junior Jazz Band or Orchestra, Percussion Ensembles, Senior Jazz Band or Orchestra, Wind- or String Ensembles may be booked for any event in advance. Please send an email to to request a quote and describe the function.
  • Instrument and Accessories Fund: Click on the link at the bottom of the page to contribute to our Instrument and Accessories Fund (repair, maintenance or purchase of accessories, e.g. sheet music stands, strings, rosin, reeds, fine-tuners and more).
  • Transport: Donate diesel vouchers (receiving Article 18A receipt in return) or assist in transporting Outreach, Development, Band or Orchestra students from and to venues for tuition and/or rehearsals (see point on Charity Recognition below).
  • Donate an Instrument: If you want to donate an unused or unwanted instrument, even if it is old (WCYO will have it repaired), you will receive a tax deductible Section 18A receipt.
  • Technology/Digital assistance: Donate second hand or refurbished laptops to WCYO for admin and other use. Assist WCYO in making recordings, managing sound for performances, donating any sound-equipment, receiving Article 18A in return.
  • West Coast Yamaha Recorder Programme: Become a volunteer and part of this fantastic new programme, launched at the end of 2019, teaching basic recorder for all children in the West Coast. We need volunteers to be trained to teach more groups in schools during school-time, or in the afternoon at after-school programmes (see paragraph on Charity Recognition below).
  • SMS WCYO to 49333: By sending such an SMS, you will donate a single R20 donation to our Instrument Repair Fund.
  • Any Other Support / Donations: Please send an email to if you would like to offer any other kind of support or donations. We would be happy to receive any kind of donations and support and are open to anything to support our youth of the West Coast.


  • By donating money, new of second-hand instruments or other items with value, you will receive an Article 18A receipt for the value donated.
  • By Adopting a Musician, you will be kept updated with all activities, exams, performances, needs and progress reports of this musician and you will receive an Article 18A receipt for all monies paid. You will also be announced in the Newsletters, with photos, if prefered. You will be allowed to have an input and change the life of one person and to give a student the opportunity to fulfill his/her dreams.
  • If you have a full schedule and not much spare time, you could add WCYO to your My School Card, become part of the Friends-of-WCYO-Campaign/Alumni WCYO Programme, and/or donate some of the above or use the SMS function to contribute when you feel like it.
  • You will receive the quarterly Newsletters and you are free to contact us if you would like to donate anything else not mentioned above.
  • You will qualify for 50% discounted concert tickets for all shows during your year of sponsorship if you donated more than the value of R1000.00.
  • Voluntary work / Charity Recognition: As WCYO is a registered PBO, all volunteers spending a certain amount of hours per annum assisting WCYO in various ways, will qualify for an official WCYO Charity Certificate for voluntary work done for WCYO during that specified year. Final awards will be finalized by the board annually. These Certificates are awarded annually at the prize giving at the End of Year Function.
  • Advertisements: All companies and corporates making donations may advertise on our Social Media and website pages, to ensure that they get the necessary exposure for their contributions made.
  • Private Donors: The names of all private donors will be posted on the website, unless you choose to be kept anonymous.
  • You will receive quarterly Newsletters and stay updated with all WCYO News.
  • You will be updated regularly on all WCYO performances, detail and ticket bookings.