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The Senior West Coast Youth Orchestra is the WCYO’s most advanced orchestra and features more or less 55 to 60 talented young musicians, between the ages of 12 years and older.

Since 1996, growing from a small ensemble into various orchestras and ensembles, WCYO has become the training ground for the West Coast’s and in some cases also South Africa’s, future leading musicians. WCYO provides outstanding and innovative development and training for these players, and the outcome is exceptional artistic and technically developed musicians.

WCYO Senior Orchestra

The successes of the Senior Orchestra can be attributed to the diversity of the players who are selected from all over the West Coast, Sandveld, Swartland and Boland areas of the Western Cape.

Under the guidance of the Artistic Director and Residential Conductor, Carina Brown, the Senior Orchestra works annually on inspirational repertoire, a very big variety of live performances, festivals, high profile public events, regional tours and has also taken part in an International Youth Musical Festival in Bratislava, with various other performances in three other countries.

WCYO also present and collaborate with other organisations, such as various Choirs, other Ensembles and Orchestras, Solo and Duo performers of various genres, to perform a variety of Baroque, Classical, Romantic, African, Contemporary and also South African compositions.

West Coast Youth Orchestra was privileged to Premiere new compositions of two composers during the past three years and also perform them overseas.

Our Rainbow Nation was composed for our senior orchestra by Malcom Dedman in 2016.

Click here for more info about Our Rainbow Nation

The Senior Symphony Orchestra is an advanced Orchestra and the selection is strict as they have to comply with certain performance criteria.

WCYO Senior orchestra performing at the Cape Town 2019 Suidoosterfees in the Cape Town City Hall

What are the requirements to join the Senior Orchestra programme?

  • There are different levels of playing required on all the instruments and for the various Orchestras and Ensembles and a placement will be determined by an audition.
  • The most important fact to remember is that no applicant will be considered for any orchestra or ensemble if he or she does not receive full-time practical tuition on their orchestral instrument by a professional instrumental teacher.
  • We expect the applicant to be dedicated, attend all rehearsals and to be proud of being chosen to become part of this most exciting music adventure of their life!

Online Form to apply for an audition

For the convenience of musicians who wish to be considered to become a member of the WCYO, we have an online form that you can use to apply for an audition. Please feel free to also use our contact page if you require more information.

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