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Important information for Junior Members will be made available on this page. The information will be updated regularly, and members must check this page from time to time to ensure that they are up to date with the most current information.

General Information

WCYO® members are allowed to take part in the Junior Jazz Band rehearsals at any time. Jazz Band participation is encouraged to help participants with confidence in performance and improvisation. However, when the Jazz Band receives performance invitations, the more regular or advanced players will be given the opportunity to participate. Participants for performances will be selected according to merits and specific event criteria.

You and your family are WCYO’s number one priority and your safety and wellbeing are of the utmost importance.

WCYO respects that parents / guardians have primary responsibility for the care of their children. We call on parents/guardians to communicate proactively and honestly with us about issues and concerns, regardless of how big or small it might seem to be.

When, where and how will orchestra rehearsals be scheduled?

  • Junior orchestra rehearsals are scheduled mainly on a Friday afternoon between 14:30 and 16:00 / 16:30 – see the Calendar.
  • Rehearsals will mainly be at Curro Langebaan Independent School but might be at other venues from time to time. Notices will be sent out in advance, but also check the Calendar.
  • If there are transport issues, please discuss this with WCYO Management, as there might be several solutions, lifts and lift clubs available.
  • Strings, winds and ensemble rehearsals will also be scheduled during these times as far as possible, depending on the performances planned.
  • Different rehearsal time slots will be scheduled for the various orchestras/bands/ensembles and will be indicated on the WCYO Calendar, as well as non-rehearsal days, as not all the groups will rehearse every Friday. A quarterly calendar will be available on the website (www.wcyo.org.za) and per email.
  • Additional rehearsals may be scheduled on school holidays / Saturdays / long weekends, depending on upcoming projects and concerts, which will be announced in advance and is mainly applicable to the Senior Symphony Orchestra. Additional Junior Orchestra rehearsals on such days will only be arranged in an exceptional cases.
  • Orchestra members must make sure to be available for all rehearsals, practice camps and performances.
  • It is important to attend all rehearsals, but in the case of unavoidable absence, the Excuse Request Form must be completed and submitted at least a week before a rehearsal, and two weeks before a performance.
  • Parents are welcome to discuss conflicting interests with the conductor or orchestra manager in order to make alternative arrangements for rehearsals, to enable players to proceed with all their activities.
  • Junior Jazz Band Rehearsals will be announced weekly on the Junior Jazz Band WhatsApp Group. If you would like to attend rehearsals, please contact Mr D’mitri Linnerd.

Where do I get the sheet music and rules?

  • All sheet music will be emailed to members on a regular basis. It is the responsibility of all parents/orchestra members to check their email on a regular basis, print parts, and take sheet music to rehearsals and practical lessons, when possible.
  • Printed copies will be available, only if arranged not later than two days before a rehearsal, at a cost of R2.00 per copy.
  • Orchestra books, 96-page thin hardcover books and front pages will be provided free of charge to orchestra members. No flip files will be allowed under any circumstances.
  • WCYO members are expected to practice and know their parts for rehearsals to keep their orchestra rank position. It is wise to take your orchestra parts to lessons on a regular basis and ask your teacher for assistance if necessary.
  • All orchestra members must own and bring a foldable or solid sheet music stand to rehearsals, but only solid sheet music stands will be used for performances.
  • All sheet music-, instrument stands and accessories can be ordered directly from WCMAc (sales@wcmac.co.za).

WCYO Attire for Junior Members:

  • Trousers / Skirt: Black with no patterns – plain, non-transparent.
  • Shoes: Black, school shoes, any neat or pumps (no high heels).
  • Socks / Stockings: Black only. No patterns.
  • Shirts: White collar shirt (long or short-sleeved) with WCYO logo embroidered – to be embroidered at Eldorina in Vredenburg (Proses Street).
  • Pullover / Jersey: WCYO Pullover / Jersey – order directly from WCYO – email mariaan@westcoastmusicacademy.co.za.
  • Jacket: WCYO Jacket (can be ordered at Eldorina in Vredenburg).
    Take note: No other black jacket will be allowed with the Orchestra Attire. You are welcome to contact mariaan@westcoastmusicacademy.co.za to enquire about 2nd hand jackets.

Excuse form

If you need to apply for a leave of absence for some reason or another and are unable to attend a rehearsal/performance or any other related Jazz Band, Ensemble or Orchestra event, please fill in the Excuse form form on the Musitins page and submit.

Events Calendar

Click on the link below for the Events Calendar showing WCYO upcoming events.

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