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In collaboration with the Westcoast Music Academy (Pty) Ltd and the University of Free State, we offer the Higher Certificate of Music Performance and the first year Diploma in Music to West Coast students at a fraction of the price.

All subjects are taught as short-learning courses and can be done either as a single subject or in combination. This provides students without prior musical training or experience, the wonderful opportunity to obtain a certificate and/or diploma in music that can provide university entry.   

Our EPWP program in collaboration with the Department of Culture Affairs has given 4 unemployed youths the opportunity to receive basic training in Arts Management, Office Administration, Computer Literacy, Logistics Management, Inventory Control, Group Classes Tutoring, Outreach & Development Education, Choral Development, Band & Ensemble Management, Social Skills and Advertising & Marketing. These EPWP participants are able to gain valuable training and experience helping them to find employment quicker.

The WCYO has helped and hope in the future to help many more students to qualify as music teachers and provided work for them as teachers or as internships through this program. 


Please email Carina Brown at or call +27827103038 for more info.