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Unfortunately, several of our students come from single parent and/or low income households and are in need of financial assistance to stay part of our programs. The Scholarship & Bursary Program allows these students the opportunity to write and play international exams, attend rehearsals, receive lessons and music accessories without the added stress of financial worries. 

Scholarships and Bursaries are rewarded on student merit and need, students/parents are invited to email their request to, outlining their financial situation with supporting documentation. Funds vary from year to year and the WCYO always tries to help as many students as it can, although not all applications are successful as our resources are very limited. 

We rely heavily on the generosity of individuals and corporate companies for financial support to aid these students and every effort is made to increase the amount available to our students on an annual basis. 

♪ Individuals and corporate companies can Adopt-a-Musician in need of financial assistance, as protégé and receive  a tax deductible Section 18A receipt.

♪ Individuals and corporate companies can make small monthly contribution to the amount of your choice, to our Friend-of-the-WCYO campaign and receive a tax deductible Section 18A receipt

♪ Make a once-off Bona Fide Donation to the amount of your choice and receive a tax deductible Section 18A Receipt