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Established in 2017, the WCYO Jazz Band program encourages students to social interaction with experienced musicians while performing at various events and learn valuable skills in the performance industry. Mentors like Camillo Robert Lombard and Craig Parks has graciously shared their wisdom and expertise with our students and has becomes a vital part of the jazz learning process.

This program teaches our students to maintain an open and respectful attitude towards other group members by working with them as equals, regardless of age, gender, proficiency level, nationality, religion, race, etc. Performing in the various jazz bands expands and enriches the student’s self esteem and confidence, helping them to become well rounded musicians.

The band has already performed at the opening of the annual Club Mykonos Festival, the 21st Cape Town Jazzathon and Jazz on the Rocks in Paternoster and exciting events are planned for this very enthusiastic group.

Please email or call +27744282802 for bookings or inquiries.